Ten Ox Herding Pictures    ·   十牛圖
   The Search for the Ox    ·   尋牛  info
   Discovering the Footprints    ·   見跡  info
   Perceiving the Ox    ·   見牛  info
   Catching the Ox    ·   得牛  info
   Taming the Ox    ·   牧牛  info
   Riding the Ox Home    ·   騎牛歸家  info
   The Ox Transcended    ·  忘牛存人  info
   Both Ox and Self Transcended    ·   人牛俱忘  info
   Reaching the Source    ·   返本還源  info
   In the World    ·   入廛垂手  info
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